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Two Hearts Become One

I      N    S      E      P      A      R      A      B      L      E

Burnt Parchment

Since its inception over 16 years ago, Zebra Magazine has grown to be the top selling magazine not only in Northeast Georgia but Statewide. The magazines is produced and published in the State of Georgia. Zebra has over 100 distribution points throughout Northeast GA and sells over 5000 units.


The areas receiving these timely and informative magazines are Clarke, Oglethorpe, Jackson, Greene, Barrow, Walton, Elbert, Wilkes, Morgan and Madison Counties. Our 500 plus subscribers include businesses such as hospital intake areas, beauty

& barber shops, schools, public libraries, doctors & dentist offices, physical fitness clubs, restaurants and other organizations. National studies show for each magazine sold, up to ten people view it. Zebra has an approximate circulation of over 30,000 Readers.


How do we maintain such numbers? We keep it local. Zebra is a magazine that sells like a newspaper. We capture the lifestyle of individuals on their terms and in their environment. Zebra keeps the local flavor alive with features like, People in the News, Around Town,

Z-Shots, Zebra Beauty, Youth in Action and Feature cover stories. We include Looking Back articles, Wedding Anniversaries to Main Stream National interest stories such as Relationship Information, Your Money-Your Future, Inspiration and Spotlight on Health. Zebras’ outreach to the community has maintained for the advertiser, a magazine that is purchased and read from cover-to-cover. The magazine is dated by volume and issue number to protect an enormous shelf life.


Few Zebra magazines are discarded. Zebra serves a people who has supported and made it the number one selling magazine in Northeast Georgia. We appreciate the position and are proud to serve.


Thank You


Walter Allen Jr.,